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Business Meeting Minutes, Sept. 28, 2012

March 20, 2013

Members in attendance:

Jennifer Akins, Washington University

Andi Back, University of Kansas

Susan Bobo, Oklahama State University

Tracey Boswell, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Marilyn Carbonell, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Susan Craig, University of Kansas

Lois Crane, Wichita Art Museum (retired)

Suzy Frechette, St. Louis Public Library

Kathleen Goodyear, MLS student

Phil Jones, University of Arkansas

Kay Logan-Peters, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jessica Miesner, Oklahoma State University

Joyce Norris, Wichita Art Museum

Carmen Orth-Alfie, University of Kansas

M.J. Poehler, Kansas City Art Institute

Mari Russell, Haskell Indian Nations University

Ellen Urton, Kansas State University

Clare Vasquez, Saint Louis Art Museum

Thomas Young, Philbrook Museum 


Tom Bell, University of Kansas

Anne Lacy, Kansas City, KS Public Library

 Chapter Chair Ellen Urton called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. and thanked the local committee, Susan Craig, Andie Back, Carmen Orth-Alfie, and Mari Russell. Minutes of the last chapter meeting and the treasurer’s report were presented and accepted. The registration fee for the fall 2012 chapter meeting was waived, since there were no expenses to the chapter for the meeting.

Old Business:

Chapter website:  The new chapter website is nearly ready. It may be previewed at Ellen will contact webmaster Mikael Kriz to work out a deadline for completing the website. TEI should be able to give someone else access to the site if needed. Susan Bobo suggested that we add photos of our libraries. Susan Craig suggested that the chapter think of additional content to add that would help those who would like to join us. It might be good to post a testimonial–what individual members value about the chapter–along the lines of the content on ARLIS/NA’s website. Phil would like to use the listserv to look for a hook: a sense of mission and vision. In addition, we need to remove the old chapter sites and to archive the content of the old sites. It would be useful if the new website included email contacts for members.

Cloud-enabled chapter projects:  Ellen has created a Gmail account for the chapter to serve as base for other applications: Google Drive, Google Group for collaboration. There is also a chapter Flickr account.

New Business:

Spring 2013 meeting: Kay Logan-Peters will plan the spring 2013 meeting in Omaha. Possible dates: May 30-June 1 or June 5-June 7. The Embassy Suites in the Haymarket would make a good conference hotel, or the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s library might provide space. We might visit Jun Kaneko’s studio. There are many new sites of interest. Kay will also see if the Joslyn has anything/anyone to offer.

Fall 2013 meeting: Phil Jones will plan the meeting. Tentative dates: late October, early November. The business meeting will be held at the University of Arkansas. Other events will include a tour of Crystal Bridges and side trips to Eureka Springs and several chapels by the architect Fay Jones. He will arrange for a block of rooms at the Inn at Carnall Hall, a historic women’s dormitory at the university.

Future meeting ideas:  Spring 2014–Kansas City; Fall 2014: St. Louis & Hannibal

Travel Award committee:  Carmen Orth-Alfie, Clare Vasquez. Chapter officers who do not receive support from their institution to go to the national conference are eligible. Only obligation is to attend & report on the leadership breakfast meeting. Applications will open after election of new officers in 2013.

Other new business:  Amelia Nelson wondered if there might be a student internship hosted by the chapter. Tom Young, Amelia Nelson and Jason Dean all attended the Fall 2012 conference on libraries and archives at the Peabody Essex Museum. A report or discussion by them might be a topic for the listserv or for a future meeting. Any ideas for new chapter projects? Past projects included a list of serial exhibitions, description of cultural institutions and arts facilities in the Central Plains.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30

Submitted by Clare Vasquez, Secretary/Treasurer

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